Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Your God Can't Feel My Pain

A band I turn to when I'm really pissed off, or frustrated, or upset. Their music helps me re-energize anger into action. Rick Boston, guitar and voices. The great Dave Allen on bass. Various drummers, the late Jeff Ward being the starting line-up drummer who kicked ass.

Low Pop Suicide, "Your God Can't Feel My Pain"

Which is what I want to say to every right-leaning fundamentalist fag-bashing bullying women-hating asshole splinter fringe Christian shithead on the religious right who is wholly owned by the ideologically-correct so-called Tea Party.

Your God can't feel my pain.

And as for you, my fellow LGBTQ folk, especially those who vote with the right against your own best interests, against your own civil rights: Their God can't feel YOUR pain, either.

Their God doesn't want to. Their God is a vengeful fucking desert-mountain jealous unevolved unloving angry God. They are angry fascist authoritarian shitheads with no compassion even for themselves, and they have remade God in their image, their angry judgmental jealous hateful image.

Their God can't feel your pain.

So why the fuck are you voting the way they tell you to?

Seriously. People seem to be so fucking stupid. They drink the koolaid and do what they're told. I guess it's easier than thinking for yourself, much less actually taking responsibility for your own life, rather than just giving it lip service. Lots of folks are full of talk, but few walk their talk.

Your God can't feel my pain.

So fuck you.